How do I qualify?
For who?
For how long can I stay?
Is there a minimum period of time for which I must pay rent?
May I live together with someone?
Can I live next to or on the same corridor as a friend?
Can I see an example tenancy agreement?
What facilities does hAavn offer?
Can I rent a parking space?
Can I keep a pet in hAavn?
Can I smoke in hAavn?


Where can I read about common questions regarding my studio and the building?
If I want to report in a(n) (maintenance)issue, how do I do that?
What furniture is provided in the apartments?
What is present in the kitchen and bathroom?
What are the sizes of the mattress? (useful for buying a duvet and molton)
What do I do if I lose my key?
What do I do if I have locked myself out?


What is the bank account of hAavn?
Do I have to pay for the whole month, even if I move in on a random day?
Am I eligible for a housing allowance?
Can I get housing allowance as a non-EU citizen?
Can my contract start at any day?
What is included in the service costs?
How can I conclude a contract with an energy company for the heating of my own studio?
Do I qualify for a remission of municipal taxes?
When should I pay the rent?
What is the difference between the deposit and the guarantee form?
When will I be repaid the deposit?
The rent will be debited from my bank account each month. How do I open a bank account (from abroad) so that the rent can be debited from my account?
Where can I download my contract?
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